At Exact Solutions we look at your current situation and help you identify opportunities to get smarter with your money.

Making the most of what you have is the first step. We then help you to:

  • Articulate where you are and where you want to be, forming the basis of our advice
  • Simplify your finances
  • Manage your cash flow in a smart way
  • Streamline your debts to free up money
  • Make your money work harder for you

And if you’re a business owner, or would like to be, we hear you! As a small business specialist we can offer advice, support, and look at opportunities to generate long-term wealth through your business.

Taking a leap of faith to consult a financial adviser can be daunting, but our clients can testify to the value of good financial advice.

Trust and Care

When you are deciding what type of a financial adviser you want to work with it is important to consider that the relationship is as important as the advice. You want someone who really listens to you, understands your situation and has your interests at the forefront of their mind at all times.

That’s why it’s wise and valuable to talk to us.


Retirement Planning

Knowing there is a professional managing your finances makes a huge difference to your stress, giving you more time to enjoy your life now, and into the future.

As retirement advice specialists, we have the experience, expertise and tools to help steer your retirement in a direction you are comfortable with.

We have researched five key insights and developed strategies to help our clients be prepared and we would be happy to discuss them with you in more depth:

  • Retirement is no time to go on automatic pilot
  • Superannuation is a political football, no wonder they keep moving the goal posts
  • To live comfortably in retirement, you may need LESS than you think
  • You might retire sooner than you think
  • Your retirement savings may have to work longer than you do
    Retirement is not just about having enough money to maintain your lifestyle, it is about considering life after work.

When you no longer do the 9-5 you have more time on your hands. Our Clients tell us that when they feel confident they have a retirement plan in place they enjoy a more active social life and time with friends and family.

Protect what’s important

A serious accident or illness can happen at any time and severely impact your lifestyle. Being prepared with an appropriate risk protection strategy can ease the impact.

Selecting appropriate insurance cover to complement your overall financial plan is important. Life, total and permanent disability, trauma and income protection insurance are all options to consider and we can help you structure them so they do not restrict your cash flow.

We want you to be confident you can maintain your current lifestyle even if impacted by illness, injury or death.

Estate Planning

Estate planning can help protect your assets and avoid unfavourable outcomes or disputes. We work closely with you, your solicitor and accountant to develop an estate plan that protects your loved ones, long after you’re gone.


Aged Care

When a family member or loved one needs to work out how to pay for home or residential care, it can lead to unnecessary complexity, urgency, and stress for all concerned. As Aged Care specialists, we can provide viable and financial strategies and advice to keep our senior Australians happy, fulfilled and comfortable.

UK Pensions

People who’ve emigrated to Australia from Britain can once again bring their private pensions to the Australian Super environment. If you’re 55 or more we can help you to add this to your Australian Super/Pension potentially in a tax-free, market -linked and will-able fashion.

Business Insurance

Business protection and succession planning is critical for small business owners who need to consider business continuity if you lose a key person or could be forced to sell.


Are you interested in an Self-managed super fund (SMSF)?

Many Australians have sought the benefits of a self-managed superannuation fund, but it is not for everyone. Complex legislation and legal structures need to be adhered to. While there are some benefits to an SMSF, it is very administration-heavy. We can explain it in more detail and help you understand if this would be an appropriate strategy for you and if so, we can help you set it up and manage it professionally.

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